The library media center serves as an information center for the entire school.  Many classes regularly use the library for research projects.  Students may use the many nonfiction books, reference materials, computer programs, and even the Internet to get the information that they may need.  We also have books and magazines just for personal enjoyment.  The staff of SMS Library Media Center encourages everyone, students and parents alike, to come browse the shelves.
Over the past few years, our school has received many prizes from the Homeland “Apples for Students” program with your help. This year’s program works a little differently. Because of this change, many people have been confused about how it works. Instead of prizes, Homeland will be contributing money. In order for SMS to make any money, parents are asked to take a letter that includes a barcode to the store the first time they shop (the school has extra copies in case the student has misplace the first one). Once the barcode has been scanned, our school earns money everytime you shop using your One Card. No more receipts to keep! Plus you can share your letter with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. for even more support.  Extra credit! If you use any “Best Choice” products, send the labels to school. These labels can earn the school even more money.  Thank you for supporting SMS.
Students (and parents) needing to complete any research are welcome to use the following web page: The user name is SeminoleMS and the password is Chieftains.
“How do I become a library assistant?”
Library assistants will be chosen based upon recommendation by a teacher or parent, responsibility, grades, attendance, and an interview with the library media specialist.  The assistant may be replaced at the semester based on performance at the discretion of the LMS.  The assistants will work with the LMS in the following capacities:  processing materials and maintaining equipment, checking materials/equipment in or out of the library, running copies, collating and stapling copies, assisting in programs/activities to promote reading, delivering messages/materials, shelving materials, and keeping the library neat, orderly, and well-organized.
Scholastic Book Fairs
This is a great fundraising event for our library! Each year we earned over $1000 in free books for our library. We have two book fairs scheduled again for this year.  The more money the fair earns, the more free books our library earns, so please help our library!