The SMS Band meets daily in the band room. Students buy, lease or borrow instruments for this class. The band is composed of seventh and eighth grade students with at least one year of band experience. The instructor, stresses performance preparation, both for individuals and band as a group. The SMS band is proud of their performance record and enjoys taking part in local parades, concerts, contests, and some sporting events.

Math 7

7th Grade Level - This class is the preliminary class for Pre-Algebra. Students must be recommended by parents or teachers to be considered for enrollment. Math II allows final basic math practice and covers the starting foundations to Pre- Algebra. Topics emphasized include the four basic operations, decimals, fractions, percents, measurements, geometry and algebra. Students are required to use pencils for all work.

Math 8

Recommendation by teacher, parents, or counselors are considered for enrollment in this course.  Previous success in math courses and test scores are also a factor for enrollment.  Students learn basic math operations in preparation for more advanced courses.  Components of this course include problem solving, place value operations, decimals, percents, statistics, graphs, fractions, and geometry patterns. 


8th grade level Recommendation by teacher or parents, previous success in math courses, and test scores are considered for enrollment. Pre Algebra reviews all arithmetic skills necessary for success in Algebra I.


9th Grade Level Recommendation of parents and teachers, previous success in math, and test scores are considered for enrollment in this class. Algebra I counts as high school credit. A student's grade in this course will be calculated with all high school grades for the student's over-all GPA. 

Algebra I emphasizes the basic concepts and fundamental skills of algebra which are necessary for future classes in math and science. This course extends understanding of the number system, definitions, major concept developments, principals and properties of equations, solutions for equations, exponents, polynomials, factoring algebraic fractions and exponents.

In middle school art, students are introduced to art fundamentals such as value, line, texture, shape, and color. Also, our fledgling artists are encouraged to develop a lifelong love and appreciation of art through studies of artists and art history. Mrs. Huckleberrys many "hands-on" activities makes the art room one of the most popular, busy places on campus.
Geography and Social Studies

7th Grade Geography

Social studies at SMS is an unlimited course in geography. Major countries and continents are studied in great detail. Principles of  map reading, plotting and interpretation are covered early in the course. Students then get an opportunity to show their newly acquired knowledge by completing maps of notable physical features and water bodies plotted to scale.

Other special projects are ongoing throughout the year. Social studies teachers use maps, magazines, slides, videotapes and personal travel experiences  to offer students a well-rounded insight into today's world.

8th Grade Social Studies

Eighth grade Social Studies is a comprehensive study of American History from the discovery of the New World to the Civil War.

Social Studies will incorporate a complete study of the use of Social Studies skills, including reading comprehension, map reading, and geography.


In this class, we cover some basic terminology, discover the basic functions of a computer and its components, and experience an introduction to keyboarding by touch.

Further practice in the touch method of keyboarding is provided within the context of building word processing skills including grammar and punctuation reinforcement and document formatting, such as various styles of letters, reports, and tables.

Teen Leadership
Teen Leadership is a program in which students develop leadership, personal, and business skills. They learn a healthy self-concept, healthy relationships and learn to understand the concept of personal responsibility. Students will develop skills in public speaking and communication. They will develop an understanding of the effects of peer pressure and develop skills to counteract those effects. They will also develop an understanding of the need for vision in goal-setting - personally and professionally.
Middle School Choir offers basic music theory, voice training and proper performance techniques. It is the beginning course for choral training in our school system, allowing students to determine if they are interested in pursuing future classes. All students participate daily and are expected to sing with acceptable tone quality, expression and harmony. Evaluation is based on participation and improvement. Highlights of the choral season include one public performance per semester.

Language Arts

Middle school students polish their skills in using the parts of speech, basic capitalization, punctuation, and paragraph construction during this course. They also study, in depth, the basic elements of poems, short stories and novels.

7th Grade English

At this level, it is the intent that students display competence in recognizing parts of speech and the way in which these parts of speech form patterns of writing.  The first semester of seventh grade English will be a study in the grammatical and usage aspects of the English language with emphasis on the parts of speech and the development of structurally sound sentences and paragraphs.  The second semester stresses writing techniques and literature.  Students will learn how to write a multi-paragraph essay by learning the Jane Shaffer method. 

8th Grade English

The student will learn to use a writing process to develop and refine composition skills.  He/She will also learn to communicate through a variety of written forms and for various audiences and purposes.  The student will demonstrate appropriate practices in speaking and writing.  In literature, a development of knowledge of literary elements and how they affect the development of the work will be studied and exercised to expand the vocabulary will be taught.

AP English

Students interested in AP English are admitted to this class only at the recommendation of teachers or parents. Factors considered during the enrollment process include previous class experience, test scores and teacher referral. AP English allows students to develop analytical skills necessary for success in high school advanced classes. The writing process, language style analysis (close reading), personal expression, and writing fluency are stressed during this course.

SMS's reading program centers around books, stories and poetry especially selected for 7th and 8th grade students.  Building vocabulary is an important part of this class and definitions, synonyms, analogies, prefixes suffixes and combined forms are emphasized. Students also learn basic elements of plots, characterization and other literary devices. Daily assignments, class discussions, book reports and the Accelerated  Reader program are all used for evaluation of  reading students.

Science 7

Science 7 is the first science course encountered by middle school students. This course covers biology, energy, earth and space, atoms, elements and human body systems.

Science 7 adapts well to "hands on" learning with projects such as frog dissections, hydrogen construction and planting trees and flowers.

Science 8

Science 8 classes are introduced to many concepts that help them understand the processes of the earth. Our students learn scientific concepts in addition to improving other skills such as reading tables, graphs, understanding diagrams and photographs. Also, these eighth graders study the earth, its matter, features, processes and place in the universe.

Attention is given to important principals and concepts that serve collectively as framework for understanding and interpreting the earth and the earth's matter.

Students are introduced to Seminole High School's outstanding speech program during the middle school years. In this year long class, seventh and eighth graders become acquainted with improvisational acting, duet acting and one-act plays. Public speaking and debate are also important elements in this course. Many of Seminole's state champions started their successful careers in SMS's speech and drama class.