The schedule for the middle school is scrutinized very carefully to provide the best courses for the students. Consideration is given to what courses are offered and the best time to offer them in order to provide the best optimum schedule to benefit both the student and teacher. Class sizes are also taken into consideration.

     Students receive pre‑enrollment services in the spring before enrolling for the fall. A consultation is held with the student and parent to decide which courses would benefit the student's interests and plans for the future. The student is then pre‑enrolled for the fall with an opportunity to change courses at the beginning of the school year. Sometimes plans change over the summer. 

     Career Exploration is very high on the list for middle school students. The students start with a career folder in 7th grade along with information provided on different career areas. They receive brochures for areas interested in that gives them an idea of what the job actually involves along with courses and training needed to do the job. The career folder follows them into the 8th grade year where the students continue exploration of careers and end up taking the Explore Test to match their interest and abilities with different career options. The students receive counseling about their talents and interest to help them in deciding on a career for the future. The folders follow students to the 9th grade where the plan is carried out during the high school years. 

     Special Education services are handled through the counseling office. The counselor is directly involved with placement of special education students who suffer from learning and emotional disabilities. Consultation services are provided to students, parents, and teachers to provide the best learning environment for the students. Testing services to screen for disabilities are also handled through the counselor's office. Gifted and Talented services for testing and consultation are available through the counseling office as well.

     The counselor coordinates State mandated testing every year in the spring. State guidelines and policies are strictly observed. In‑services and training for the teachers and monitors are provided. Scheduling, handing out and return of test materials are overseen. Results of the test are distributed and consultation services are available. 

     Bi‑lingual services are available through the counseling department. Special placement in classes along with bi‑lingual materials is provided. Consultation services are provided to students, parents, and teachers. 

     Recognition and promoting self‑esteem in our students is a top goal. The following programs are available to our students: Presidential Award of Excellence, Presidential Award of Achievement, Oklahoma Honor Society, Superintendent's Honor Society, Principal's Honor Society, and Student of the Month. 

     Individual, small group, and classroom counseling and guidance services are provided through the counseling department. Contact and public relations with outside agencies are also provided through the counseling office in order to provide the best services for the welfare of our students.